Project Manager

A creative manager with a set of skills that allows this individual to envision the finish line – even when the course is not clear. A team leader who collaborates closely with designers, media producers, writers, information architects, as well as, clients. He/she must have the ability to guide a process that identifies and enhances customer experience with our clients’ brands, services or products.

This individual must have a keen understanding of creative processes, new media and design thinking; the ability to write, manage spreadsheets, schedules, reports - while keeping teams on budget and schedule; and the ability to quantify starting points so that success can be ultimately measured by criteria established at the outset of a client relationship or specific project.

Our PM should have a joy for participating in the journey over new ground, curiosity and, always, a sense of humor.

To borrow from a client of ours who was himself quoting from a study that cites 5 factors - attitudes and behaviors - often associated with high performance in small groups, these are as follows:

  1. Extroversion: Sociable and assertive
  2. Agreeableness: Cooperative and trusting
  3. Conscientiousness: Responsible, dependable and achievement oriented
  4. Emotional Stability: Secure, positive individual
  5. Openness to Experience: Originality, enthusiasm to learn and explore, willing to adapt to change


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